Happy Thanksgiving!

For my readers who are residing in the United States, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. May it be a day of reflection and acknowledgment of your gratitude.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Marilyn

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You’re Authentically Beautiful!

Although Fashion Week may only be a week-long, on social media, fashion models can be seen at any time. Bombarded by images of what women “should look like”, it is no wonder you may have issues with your body and self-confidence.   The good news is that you’re authentically beautiful. You may just not know it. Would you like to see yourself differently? Image consultants combine their…

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What does your eyewear express?

Eyewear is much more than enabling one to see well. Eyeglasses give definition to your face and bring attention to your eyes. For some, eyeglasses are their signature statement as evidenced by many image consultants at the recent Association for Image Consultants International (AICI) Global Conference.  Your lifestyle, how you want to be seen, and your face shape determine your eyewear. Three Tips for Choosing Eyewear 1. Your frames should be as…

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Did you win the roses?

As you may remember, I live in Derby City aka Louisville, Kentucky. The focus on the first Saturday in May is Derby and who will win the BIG race and the blanket of roses. You can win the roses every day by dressing appropriately for the occasions in your life. Ask yourself these questions. Then… 1. Decide what clothing pieces will support…

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Is Your Closet Ready ?

Although most of us don’t have a closet like the one pictured (I know I don’t), your closet can still be functional. After all, your multi-used closet needs to be a sanctuary, not a place that causes you stress. By this time of year, most closets are a “hot mess” (a friend’s description for items that are in disarray)….

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Mini Makeover Sale

  Start the new year with a new you. Gift yourself with a Mini Makeover Package. Only $69 {normally $95) before the end of the year. You don’t have to book your service until 2019 but you must pay for it by December 31, 2018. Not local? No worries! Virtual services are available. To order your package click here

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