What does dressing appropriately have to do with style and a changing body when you’ve hit 55+?

The second A of the 4 A’s of Dressing* is Appropriate.  The definition of dressing appropriately is “Looking like you belong like you know what you’re doing; nothing about your appearance is distracting” * The lady in the lab coat is dressed appropriately for her role as a female doctor. How have you dressed appropriately for the occasions in…

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What does authenticity have to do with style and a changing body when you’ve hit 55+?

Are you true to yourself? Being true to yourself is one of the definitions of Authenticity. This was recently one of the topics of the Association of Image Consultants International conference session. One of the speakers gave permission to the attendees to not do something, that they didn’t like doing. When the presenter permitted the attendees to not do…

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How to Camouflage a Rounded Back (and other body changes when you hit 55+)

We have all been there! It would be nice if your body never changed so that your clothes would fit from year to year. Even with or without the extra weight you may have put on during the lockdown due to Covid, your body is constantly changing shape. Although it may seem like the changes occurred overnight, they have…

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Back to the Basics

Are you wondering what makes a basic style? Basics are defined by clothing with simple lines and shapes that can be dressed up or down for varied lifestyles. Basics are a great choice for uncertain times. Although there are many great basic designs, here are my favorite five.  Camisole, tank top or shell Pencil skirt Camp or sport shirt Jacket (Blazer or Chanel) Slacks, Straight-Leg Here’s to…

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Happy Anniversary!

Expressive Image Solutions is celebrating its 5th anniversary with a five-day sale! Each day the percentage off progressively gets lower. You’ll want to book early to get the best savings.  How the sale works: You’ll receive 50% off on the 1st day (December 2), 40% off on the 2nd day ( December 3), 30% off on the 3rd day (December…

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What is Your Clothing Care?

How do you care for your clothes? Do you meticulously hang up or fold your clothes? or Do you throw your clothes in a pile secretly hoping the wrinkles will disappear while you sleep?Caring for your clothes may not be one of your favorite tasks. Since clothing is a resource, the wear-life and appearance of your clothes depend on…

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