What do your clothes say about you?

Are there times when you feel like throwing anything on to just cover your body? Did you know you might improve your mood by what you wear? When we are ill or injured, we think it won’t matter what we wear. Sure, it seems easier wearing the comfy, lounging clothes. And no, our clothes aren’t going to cure what ails…

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Celebrate National Smile and Hello Day on November 21!

Never leave home without a smile is the fifth fashion tip on my Look and Feel Great tip-sheet. A smile looks great, no fitting required, makes you look confident, and benefits everyone. Wear one every day but especially on National Smile Day!

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Where is your power suit?

Power Suits for women are back!  No, they are not like they were in the ’80’s or previous decades; rather they are updated for modern lifestyles. These suits are not just for office attire as they are very versatile. Their design is slimmer and more relaxed.  They come in a variety of fabrics and silhouettes with skirts or pants to fit different figure types….

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What’s In Your Closet?

  Before purchasing any fall 2017 clothing trends, it’s important to know whether your clothing from previous seasons is still wearable. Now is the time to check-out the treasures in your closet. As you look at your clothing ask these questions:    Is it in good condition? No rips, pilling, stains or fading.    Try it on. Does it still fit?  …

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Would you have something to wear?

Have you thought about what you would wear if you couldn’t dress yourself, zip a zipper or button a button? Mindy Scheier, another keynote speaker at the recent conference I attended, has because her son has a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy. When her son, Oliver, wanted to wear jeans to be like the other boys at school, she used her fashion design skills…

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What would you have worn?

AICI 2017

I just returned from the Association of Image Consultants International Conference in Mexico City, Mexico, where thirty-three countries were represented. The conference seminars and keynote sessions were amazing as were what everyone wore each day. If you have ever attended a conference, convention, workshop, or a retreat you may have noticed that people tend to dress down. That is…

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