Is Your Closet Ready ?

Although most of us don’t have a closet like the one pictured (I know I don’t), your closet can still be functional. After all, your multi-used closet needs to be a sanctuary, not a place that causes you stress. By this time of year, most closets are a “hot mess” (a friend’s description for items that are in disarray)….

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Mini Makeover Sale

  Start the new year with a new you. Gift yourself with a Mini Makeover Package. Only $69 {normally $95) before the end of the year. You don’t have to book your service until 2019 but you must pay for it by December 31, 2018. Not local? No worries! Virtual services are available. To order your package click here

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Your Fit and Trim Closet!

image consultant

In the third part of our organizing series comes the fun part of putting your clothes in the closet. There are many different organizing methods. My favorite is grouping clothing by clusters (which are all the clothes that are worn together). For instance, in my fall wardrobe: I have two work clusters, an exercise cluster, and a casual cluster. With this method, I know what…

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Would you have something to wear?

Have you thought about what you would wear if you couldn’t dress yourself, zip a zipper or button a button? Mindy Scheier, another keynote speaker at the recent conference I attended, has because her son has a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy. When her son, Oliver, wanted to wear jeans to be like the other boys at school, she used her fashion design skills…

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What would you have worn?

AICI 2017

I just returned from the Association of Image Consultants International Conference in Mexico City, Mexico, where thirty-three countries were represented. The conference seminars and keynote sessions were amazing as were what everyone wore each day. If you have ever attended a conference, convention, workshop, or a retreat you may have noticed that people tend to dress down. That is…

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