Does it matter what we wear ?

Think again. As October is Mental Awareness Month, let’s be aware of how our dressing affects our mental health. One way we can feel mentally healthier is by being mindful of what we wear. It has been said that clothes affect our mindset as this study on Enclothed Cognition proves. Enclothed Cognition as described by Adam D. Galinsky, a professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, is “the effects of clothing on cognitive processes.” He claims that we think not just with our brains but also with our bodies and that the clothes one wears and the specific meaning attached to the clothes causes one to ascribe that meaning to their behavior. In his famous lab coat experiment, it was found that when the students wore a doctor’s white coat they had heightened attention, while the reverse was true for the individuals who wore a painter’s white coat.

So the next time you dress whether it is for a video conferencing call or an actual event that you are attending, ask yourself how you feel in the clothing that you are wearing. How does the clothing reflect your mood? Is it in sync with how you’re feeling?

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Here’s to mindful dressing,