What does dressing affordably have to do with style and a changing body when you hit 55+?

The fourth A of our blog series on the 4 A’s of Dressing is Affordable. What does it mean to dress affordably? Simply it means:  Looking like you’re not uncomfortable, you’re in charge and having fun with fashion, whatever your budget. 

This week even though our topic is Affordable dressing, let’s talk about the dreaded “B” word.  What is your clothing budget, or do you even have one? I would love to hear from you. Comment below or send me an email. Clothing budgets may range from none to a large amount. Even if your budget is smaller, you can still have fun with fashion. One of the questions I ask clients when I do online shopping is what they are willing to spend for a certain item. It doesn’t do anyone any good to find clothes with hefty price tags when you are expecting items at lower price tags.

Learning to be creative with your clothing is important at any time but especially as we age because we may have less clothing that may fit our changing bodies. When you buy basics in classic styles and have good clothing care, the clothes tend to last a long time provided our bodies can still wear them.   As I looked at my clothing, I realized how long I have had some pieces, especially scarves.  Luckily, they don’t have an expiration date! With supply chains being disrupted and shopping not as much fun as it was previously, now may be a great time to shop your closet and get creative with your closet treasures. Remember you’ll be doing your planet a favor and you’ll be on-trend with sustainable fashion.

3 Tips for Affordable dressing

  1. buy basics of classic styles
  2. buy the best that you can afford
  3. by pieces that you can wear multiple ways

The temptation is to buy a piece of clothing because it is so “cheap.” However, just because it is inexpensive doesn’t make it a good investment. If the clothing piece doesn’t fit all the 4 A’s of Dressing or go with at least two other clothing items in your wardrobe then it’s probably not a good investment and will most likely become a clothing orphan. Who needs a clothing orphan hanging around?

Here’s to affordable fashion,