What does dressing appropriately have to do with style and a changing body when you’ve hit 55+?

The second A of the 4 A’s of Dressing* is Appropriate.  The definition of dressing appropriately is “Looking like you belong like you know what you’re doing; nothing about your appearance is distracting” *

The lady in the lab coat is dressed appropriately for her role as a female doctor. How have you dressed appropriately for the occasions in your life? How did you dress for your video conferencing calls during the pandemic?  Have you been one to dress from the waist up? You may have worn comfortable clothes on the bottom and lived in your house shoes or slippers. While you may have found wearing those clothes appropriate for the pandemic lifestyle, they are certainly not appropriate for other occasions in your life.

Many of us may not know what to wear when we venture out in society post-pandemic. We may have forgotten what we once wore, or it may not fit our changing bodies. It may not be appropriate anymore because our culture has changed post-pandemic.

Comfortable Clothing Suggestions to Wear Now

Comfortable clothes with ease to wear now.

Even though life may have changed post-pandemic, the criteria for dressing appropriately have not changed.

Dressing appropriately depends on:

  • where you live
  • the occasion
  • the time of year and day
  • the people you will be with
  • your desired impression, or visual message
Quote about clothes.

Appropriate, mindful dressing involves thinking about where you are going while staying true to yourself (authentic). If you are not sure what is suitable, ask whoever is in charge or consult a professional image consultant who can help you determine appropriate dressing for the occasion. Book your complementary clarity call today.

Have an appropriately dressed week!