Why Do You Need Clothes?

Fall officially began on September 22 in the Northern Hemisphere. With the world turned upside down by the pandemic and global unrest, the fall collections that were introduced during last year’s fashion weeks need tweaking for the changing times. How do you adapt clothing for your particular situation? The answer is no different than any other year. It depends on your lifestyle. Only you know what you need your clothes to do. The fall collections that are arriving in the stores are about comfort, sustainability, and personal safety. Although those are concepts that everyone can embrace, how you do it will be different depending on your lifestyle. Before you incorporate any of the fall trends, or purchase anything new for fall, you’ll want to know what type of clothes you need.

Determining Your Lifestyle Ask yourself these questions:
What kind of activities do you do?
How much time do you spend doing each activity?
What kind of clothes do you need for each activity?

Here’s to knowing what you need,