Is your closet slimmer?

This week. our closet reorganizing series will focus on the keeper and maybe piles.

Keepers are clothing items that are worn frequently, fit well and are in good shape.  A keeper could also be a well-fitting specialty item (such as a gown or tuxedo).

The maybes are clothing items that you are not sure about and might work if only… Let’s begin by trying on each item and assessing why it is a maybe.

  1. Do you really like it? Be honest.
  2. If you haven’t worn it very often, how come?
  3. If it needs another clothing item or an accessory to complete it, then make a list of what you need. Next time you go shopping go with intention to buy those items.

If you can move the maybes to the keeper pile, do so. Otherwise, time to let go of the maybes.

Coming next week: how to organize the keepers in the closet.

If you need help assessing the maybes, I can help.  Email me or call 502-412-6444 today.

Here’s to getting organized,