Is it time for a closet diet?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by too many clothes and choices? With fewer clothes, you really have more!

How do you slim your wardrobe? The first step is organizing your closet. So, let’s begin by setting aside a day for this project. Start by removing everything from your closet. Before putting anything back, sort your items into four piles.

  1. Keepers: Items that are in good shape, fit well and are worn frequently.
  2. Maybes: Items you are not sure about.
  3. Donate-rs: Items that don’t fit you or your lifestyle.
  4. Trashing: Items that are in poor condition: faded, torn, stained, etc.

Now the difficult part; following through on the donate-rs and trashing the unusable items.

What about the keepers and maybes? Read the next post to find out.

If your closet is too overwhelming for you, I can help.  Email me or call 502-412-6444 today for a wardrobe and closet evaluation. Let’s find the treasures in your closet.

Here’s to getting organized,