What’s In Your Closet?


Before purchasing any fall 2017 clothing trends, it’s important to know whether your clothing from previous seasons is still wearable. Now is the time to check-out the treasures in your closet. As you look at your clothing ask these questions:

  •    Is it in good condition? No rips, pilling, stains or fading.
  •    Try it on. Does it still fit?
  •   Can it be worn with two items or more?
  •   Does the item fit your current lifestyle and personal tastes?
  •   Can the item be altered or repaired so that it is wearable?
  •   Is there something that you need to complete the outfit?

If your answers are yes to the first five questions, keep the item. Start your shopping list as you’re sorting through your clothing. Make note of needed alterations or repairs. Perhaps, your older item can become current with a little tweaking.