Would you have something to wear?

Have you thought about what you would wear if you couldn’t dress yourself, zip a zipper or button a button?

Mindy Scheier, another keynote speaker at the recent conference I attended, has because her son has a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy. When her son, Oliver, wanted to wear jeans to be like the other boys at school, she used her fashion design skills to adapt them for him. Mindy, the founder of the Runway of Dreams Foundation, uses her design skills to adapt ready-made clothing such as the Tommy Hilfiger children’s clothing line. 

Whether you are born with a disability or become disabled during your lifetime, you deserve to wear fashionable clothing. Mindy’s keynote address focused on her vision of a future of inclusion, acceptance, and opportunity in the fashion industry for people with disabilities.

Having worked with families of differently-abled children, I  have known a lot of “Olivers” who want to be like everyone else. I am pleased to know that someone is making a difference in the fashion industry for those with physical clothing challenges.

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